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LakelandBomba – your holiday destination with Karelian roots

Beautiful nature, rural landscape, and authentic Karelian culture at its best – you will find a hospitable and peaceful way of life
in LakelandBomba. We respect traditions without forgetting modernity, and we boldly want to speak for sustainable tourism,
above all for the sake of biodiversity, our future generations, and you, our dear guest. LakelandBomba is a tourist attraction
in the eastern part of Finland, in the province of North Karelia. It is located in Nurmes but does not have precise boundaries
drawn on a map. Although Bomba House will always be the brand’s spiritual home, some of our tourists may also associate
the brand with Lake Pielinen, Puukarin Pysäkki, or Puu-Nurmes, for example. All of these are connected by one common
factor: the appreciation of nature and finding peace in it, to which Karelian roots and local culture give a rich addition.

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