Ikola Museum

Ikolan vuohet

The Ikola Museum, built around the old Kellola farm in Porokylä, presents you with the Karelian traditional landscape taken straight from history books. The museum is only open during summer. You can experience the ancient Karelian way of life by exploring different buildings in the courtyard of the open-air museum.

In addition to the buildings of the original Kellola farm, several other buildings have been brought to the museum courtyard. You can visit, for example, the main building itself, an 18th-century storehouse, and a granary. By following the scent of smoke, you can find your way to the smoke shed as well. Exhibitions have also been built in the barn to tell you about the history of the fire department, dairy industry, agriculture, and living in the peasant community in eastern Finland in the early decades of the 20th century. You may also find an exhibition of the artist Alma Pääkkönen and her magnificent concrete and wooden sculptures.

The main building also houses a summer café where you can enjoy refreshments and follow the authentic rural landscape. The adorable sheep grazing nearby can’t wait to meet you as well!

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Ikolan museum
Kotiniementie 2, 75500 Nurmes
04010 45154

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