Paavola’s holiday homes

Laadukkaita rantamökkejä
Laadukkaita rantamökkejä

The beautiful Lake Pielinen and the clean nature and countryside of North Karelia invite you to spend your holiday in Paavola’s holiday homes. You can choose from five personal and cozy cottages with a quality classification from Lomarengas Oy (Mustonen holiday cabins). Each cottage has its own beach, boat, pier, barbecue area, fireplace, sauna, garden furniture as well as swings and places for sandbox games for children. It is also easy to go fishing at Lake Pielinen that is rich in fish or go hiking in the scenery of beautiful hills located nearby. The nearby hills of Riuttavaara, Kohtavaara, and Pyssyvaara have marked trails for hiking or berry and mushroom picking. In winter, you can hop on skis and head to the cross-country ski trails start from right around the cottages, which connect to the town’s ski trail network, forests, and the frozen surface of Pielinen. Snowmobile trails can also be found nearby.

Paavola’s holiday homes is located near the Karelian Bomba house and the idyllic Karelian village, and you can also find Break Sokos Hotel Bomba’s spa services and golf course nearby. You can easily experience the area with its many activities, and never have a dull moment on your holiday. For example, Bomba-Action, which operates in the Karelian village, offers you various program services, such as dog sledding, snowmobile and quad bike safaris, guided fishing trips, and flyboarding.

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Paavola’s holiday homes
Kylmälahdentie 20, 75500 Nurmes

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