Bomba tsasouna

Bomba ikoni

Near the Karelian village of Bomba, there is the beautiful tsasouna of St. Sergei and St. Herman. The log-built prayer room rising on the shores of Lake Pielinen is a masterpiece by architect Erkki Helasvuo, who took his inspiration from the tsasouna in Ägläjärvi. It took a total of 1,500 meters of logs to build the Bomba tsasouna, so do not wonder if you hear the logs from Karelian woods humming in the structures of the prayer room while visiting. Tsasouna’s furniture is also made from wood to complement its beautiful architecture. The look is crowned by icons painted by Margit Linnu, which follow the Orthodox icon tradition. There is a monument in the courtyard of tsasouna that calls for silence.

Archbishop Paul of Karelia and Finland consecrated the tsasouna in 1980 in memory of St. Sergei and St. Herman. Tsasouna’s title celebration is celebrated on June 28th. Services are held in the prayer room, but during the summer season, its doors are open to all visitors with a guide and at other times by appointment. Hear its call and visit Bomba tsasouna on your trip to North Karelia!


Pyhittäjäisien Sergein ja Hermanin Valamolaisten tsasouna
Suojärvenkatu 1, 75500 Nurmes

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