Glass Studio Korpinoita

Korpinoidan lasitaidetta

In the middle of the wilderness, in an artist’s home found in a former village school, you can experience the magic of paintings and stained glass in unique spaces. On a mystical journey, you can forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in, for example, the Paradise of the Gods, where almost wall-length stained glass windows, the ripple of water and birdsong take you far from the present moment. You can also admire Finnish cultural heritage in the Kalevala full of heroes of Kalevala.

Glass Studio Korpinoita and its unique exhibitions invite you to break away from the hectic everyday life in the embrace of breathtaking stained-glass windows and paintings. The artist’s home is open to groups by appointment.

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Lasistudio Korpinoita
Rapulintie 571, 75740 Pajukoski
050 359 1713

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