Murtovaara House Museum

Murtovaaran talomuseo

Murtovaara House Museum

The Murtovaara House Museum offers you a glimpse into the life of a family of forest rangers. You can sense the special atmosphere already upon arrival. The half kilometer long footpath lingers
through the woods opening up to the meadows which are surrounding the traditional Eastern Finnish courtyard. Tickets 7€, child under 15 years free entrance. Open in July Wed-Sun 10-18,
June and August Fri-Sat 11-17. Murtovaarantie 260A. Guided tour on Fridays 12 o’clock. Price 10/5 € (inc. Entrance, coffee, bun).

Get to know the Museum at murtovaara.com.  You can add to the same visit a lunch at Puukarin Pysäkki. 

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