Tips for visiting

For a day trip to LakelandBomba

  • Get to know the stores and history of Porokylä
  • Head for lunch at Café Supikas
  • Adventure in Puu-Nurmes, see the church and the train garage
  • Sit down for coffee at Restaurant Kaneli
  • Experience the beauty of Karelian village

Tip! In the summer season, the summer market at Karelian village also has a café

Over the weekend in LakelandBomba

  • Pamper yourself at Break Sokos Hotel Bomba Spa
  • Eat well in Restaurant Trattoria
  • Head south to Puukarin Pysäkki
  • Experience the joy in cooking over a campfire at Jurttivaara
  • Walk to the lookout tower Toivontorni
  • Go riding at the local riding stable
  • Learn to make delicious Karelian pies at the Karelian pie workshop at Männikkölän Pirtti
  • Visit the outdoor Ikola Museum (in summer)

Accessibility at LakelandBomba

Tips for the traveler who needs accessible services.

  • The hotel and spa of Break Sokos Hotel Bomba are accessible.
  • The summer theater at Bomba is accessible.
  • Nurmes Evangelical Lutheran Church is accessible.
  • Get to know Raesärkät

In the scenery of the rolling hills you can find Raesärkät that is a beautiful day trip destination for you and your family. The area is well suited for hiking together with your family and children, as there are several stops along the route a short distance apart. There are also campfire sites and toilets in the area. The route itself is even as it used to be an old cart track, which makes it easy to walk even for the smallest members of your family! The route also suits for those walking with prams. The clear watered lakes and the diverse species of the area guarantee you and your family an interesting day in nature. There are toilets in the area with unobstructed access.

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